Game Console Giants Jostle For Market Share

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In recent years it has been interesting to watch the big console giants battling over who will take control of the gaming market, the main contenders being Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation. The competition within the game console business is intense and these console giants jostle to gain the greatest market share possible, and so huge competition rages, but Sony's PlayStation 3 has emerged a clear winner and still remains the best selling console to date.


The saying goes ‘things get bigger and better', but in the technological world this is not true as  it is more a case of ‘things get smaller and better' thus the console giants enter into huge competition to outdo each other, with innovative features, slimmer consoles, smaller consoles, hand held models and much much more.


The most important thing to a gamer is the quality of games, the story-lines, the graphics and the excellence of soundtracks.  The source of growth for video games is the Internet; the Web has made video games more accessible to players and has seen a rise in popularity.


Sony has put all its effort into making the perfect home entertainment system with the PlayStation 3, the excitement of playing against other players around the globe on the online network, or watching movies, listening to music, surfing the net, or downloading movies, music games, even the ability to record TV shows and videos, is all in the palms of your hands, the PlayStation 3 is more than a machine, it's a friend.


It has been said before and it will be said again that 2011 will certainly belong to PlayStation 3, with the release of new and wonderful games, and projects still under wraps, it will be excitement all the way for fans of this console.


If you are the proud owner of a PlayStation console and are new to the gaming circuit you may have heard of some faults this console has encountered, so you need to make sure you treat the console with respect; dust regularly, and more importantly, however much you will want to play your favourite games 24/7, DON'T, as the console will overheat. Like any electrical equipment used around the clock it will soon get to a point of no return.


A spokesman for the PlayStation Pros (PS Pros) based in London said "any sophisticated console with such power needs to be handled with respect, if you do not abuse the system it will not let you down, but if you do have some problems, the most common of which is the YLOD (yellow light of death), also freezing and hard drive errors, don't panic, we work out of our location in London and offer same day PlayStation 3 repair."  I hear you mumbling "but I don't live in London", again, don't panic, they also offer a mail-in service, and repairs are also done same day.  "All PS3 repairs are completed in less than 45 minutes, we offer the fastest turnaround in the business, and the absolute best warranty".


It would seem that all PlayStation 3 repairs are in good hands with PS Pros, so don't worry at what may go wrong, with power and sophistication at your fingertips, it may never happen, one thing is for sure with huge competition on their hands Sony is up for better things in 2011 so watch this space.


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Game Console Giants Jostle For Market Share

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This article was published on 2011/04/22